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About the trainer title

Who i am I  train Chesapeake bay retrievers

        I began breeding, training and showing Chesapeake Bay retrievers as a hobby thirty-two years ago.  I sought education from successful breeders and trainers, attended as many clinics and seminars as possible, and read everything I could get my hands on.  My hobby ultimately became a lifestyle, and the knowledge I gained over the years allowed me to create a training business.  I taught obedience training classes as a continuing education instructor, conducted working clinics as a regional director for the American Chesapeake Club, and also taught privately. I have bred, trained, handled and titled  my  dogs  in  AKC obedience trials, NAHRA  hunt tests and ACC   working  tests,  finished  my  own  AKC conformation  champions, and

Picture of Sue and Storm winning obedience title
Sue  and CH Spendthrift Thunderstorm SHR, WC,
WD, CGC, second from left.

spent 13 years guiding waterfowl and upland hunts on a commercial shooting preserve with my dogs. My clients  have trained their pets and gun dogs, and some have gone on to achieve titles in obedience,  hunt tests,  conformation, agility, flyball,

Picture of Wayne and sue and dogs       NAHRA
A good day afield. Sue and Thunder,             Sue and Thunder, NAHRA Regionals
Wayne Merit and Spendthrift Annie                                                                           

and tracking. My breeding program has produced some pretty nice dogs, epitomized by CH Spendthrift Storm Warning SHR, CGC, WDX, a stunning girl which was also a stone hunting dog. My training methods produced WR NAHRA All-American Mtn. View Katmai Bay CGC, WCI, WDQ, a dog which single-handedly changed a lot of opinions about the breed by showing folks that not all Chessies are the nasty, sullen, bone-headed creatures they were reported to be.

Picture of Autumn in the ring
CH. Spendthrift Storm Warning WDX, SHR, CGC

      Today I am still teaching – and learning. I no longer view dogs as slaves, but as equal parts of a whole. I fully recognize the importance of starting with good genetics and planned, goal-oriented breeding, and my breeding program reflects that.  I continue to hunt my dogs as much as the law allows, and they continue to amaze me with their ability to learn and problem solve without any “help” from a “master”.

Picture of Sue and Cirrus training
Sue and Cirrus


Picture of sue working with a group of 6 week old puppies
Spendthrift pups get wet at 6 weeks

      My latest project revolves around the creation of a new website, and writing training notebooks which will be available for purchase via the website. I am writing them in the hope that what I have learned will help folks avoid the mistakes I have made with my dogs, and enable them to truly enjoy their canine companions.