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dog training rochester ny

           The first manual in my Dogs Demystified series is now available for purchase. PUPPY PRIMER, What You Should Know Before You Get A Dog, is a no-nonsense look at the common misconceptions people have regarding dog ownership. Every year shelters in this country euthanize 4-6 million dogs, twenty-five percent of which are purebreds. These numbers do not include dogs that are turned over to rescues, re-homed by owners themselves, and just dumped in remote areas to fend for themselves. This manual provides readers with information that can help them make choices that avoid the mistakes that contribute to these appalling statistics.
          If you are unhappy with your current dog, read this manual to understand where you “went wrong”; if you are considering dog ownership, read this manual to understand the requirements of contemporary dog ownership, and to help you get it “right”.

PUPPY PRIMER – Forty pages. perfect-bound paperback


INTRODUCTION – ABOUT ME Back In The Day – Along The Way – Present Day
IT’S A DOG, YA BIG DOPE! Just What Is A Dog? – What A Dog Is Not
WHAT IS A GOOD DOG? A Good Dog Is The Product Of Good Genes – A Good Dog Is A Trained Dog – A Good Dog Learns Quickly And Easily – A Good Dog Generally Costs Good Money – A Good Dog Is A Good Representative Of Its Breed – A Good Dog Is A Good Match For You

REALITY CHECK TIME  What Kind Of Dog owner Will You Be? – What Is A Good Dog Owner? – What Is A Responsible Dog Owner?

MAKING (EDUCATED) CHOICES Choose The Breed – Choose The Bloodline – Sample Pedigree – Choose The Pup – Sample Puppy Test – If You Want An Older Dog – Choose An (Ideal) Veterinarian – Choose A Trainer – Summary




dod training rochester ny


          A GOOD DOG IS THE PRODUCT OF GOOD GENES . . . and if you learn nothing else from my manuals, learn this: GENETICS ARE EVERYTHING!
          Years ago I read a book by James Lamb Free in which he suggested that, if you were training your randomly selected pet to be a  hunting dog and he clearly lacked aptitude, you should send him down the road and get one bred to do the job. I was pretty appalled at that idea and dismissed it out of hand. Well guess what I have learned since then, Dear Reader: HE WAS SPOT ON!!
          The foundation for everything your dog is – his character, temperament, trainability, much of his health and his longevity – is in his genes.  His suitability (or lack thereof) for your purpose, be it pet/companion, hunting dog, show dog, whatever, is in his genes, and you ain’t changing the DNA folks!
          It follows from this that your chances of getting good genes are dramatically improved if you select a dog of a breed appropriate to your circumstances and goals, from a good breeder’s planned breeding; this generally means getting a purebred. I am NOT trashing mixed breeds, nor will I; I have owned and trained lovely mutts, but they are the ultimate genetic gambles. I am merely making the point that purebreds have traits that occur with more predictability than mixed breeds do; that predictability is what makes a purebred “pure”.           Most folks have no concept of the impact of genetics on dog behavior and learning, and therefore give genetics no thought, especially when selecting “just a pet”.  Well let me tell you Dear Reader, the traits that make a good (or bad) pet are just as heritable as those that make a fancy show dog. One of the most difficult jobs we ask our dogs to do in these days of high stress, limited time and finances, and small properties is to be “just a pet”. Pets need good genes just as badly, if not more so, than the fancy show dog, and the consequences of owning a pet with poor genetics can be devastating to all involved.


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PDF via email:   $7.56 includes tax

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